Happiness cannot be bought, but you can move near the sea and it is almost the same.

The same doctors recommend it, and if a short trip to the beach can make you so happy, imagine how going to live there would change your life. Think about what it would be like to wake up any day of the week, no matter if you have work, if it is your day off, or how stressed you are, and be able to feel the sand with your feet, without having to spend money on a plane or bus. Living near the sea is not only good for your mind and your mood, it also brings great benefits to your overall health.

  • If at some point in your life you decide to live on the beach, you will notice that the car is often less necessary, you could even learn to drive a motorcycle or simply travel by bicycle.
  • Speaking of how healthy it is to live on the beach, we can note less noise pollution from horns as another plus point.
  • The physical activity that is carried out while walking in the beach climate provides a feeling of well-being in the joints of the feet, knees and hips. When a person suffers from a rheumatic disease, gentle exercise and the application of heat to the affected areas are advised, which can be done without much effort while living on the beach.

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